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We hope to choose our very special tour products from all destinations in Mongolia
combining with high quality of service.

Join in Group Tours2017

We have 60 years of experience hosting and taking care of the tourists and guest from around the world. Having gained enormous experience we have created Join in Group Tours which helps you, your family and friends to enjoy the best season …

Classic Tours

The Gobi Desert covers one third of Mongolia’s territory. Hundreds of years ago the desert was part of the main trade route between East and West, with camel caravans crossing the vast steppes loaded with perfumes, spices, and other goods. Today the Gobi …

Comfort tours

We are offering you unique and exclusive tours specially designed for you. This is a chance to visit Mongolia and see and experience its best features in style. You will be flown to tour destinations on a plane or driven in a comfortable four wheel drive  …

Cultural Tours

Mongolia is country with different ethnic groups of nomads, most of which live in Western part of Mongolia. Exploring their unique culture and tradition would give you outstanding experience and broad knowledge about Mongolian nomad culture.

Photo & Dharma ToursNEW

This special and new tour we have designed this year is for those who are interested in Buddhism and Mongolia. Tour through Buddhist monasteries which were destroyed during the political purges of the 1930s and restored since 1990s while …

Adventure Tours

Mongolia has many unique and gorgeous sites. We will provide you many opportunities to experience nomadic people, wonders, natural sites and culture of Mongolia on this unique trip to this unique land. Mongolia has 4 high mountain ranges which are …

Special ToursUpdated

If you have special interest for travelling, Mongolia is magnificent place that will be one the best opportunities that you can have nature, landscapes, birds, wildlife and Mongolian lifestyles. You can enjoy with many special interest trips …

Day & Short Tours

These short half a day, day and overnight stay in the countryside tours and longer tours are designed for those who have come to visit Mongolia on business trips or for those who arrived in Mongolia without prior booking with a tour company.

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