Mongols have made Shimyn Arkhi for many centuries, since the first Mongol people, the Hunnus. Making Shimyn Arkhi is a complex process and requires a lot of skill and the right materials. The process of making Shimyn Arkhi has been passed down through many generations from father to son, and mother to daughter. In the paragraphs below I will attempt to describe the process of making Shimyn Arkhi.
First you will need a few important materials two bowls, (one large bowl, and one is slightly smaller bowl), a cylinder or bottomless barrel (the cylinder should fit snugly around the large bowl), a bucket and of course a good fire. Another critical material is cow’s milk. Once the cow’s have been milked, the milk must be churned. The milk is churned 500-800 times, the more the better.The milk must be changed into buttermilk or yogurt
Next, a fire is made. Then the large bowl is placed over the fire and the yogurt is poured into the bowl. Immediately the bottomless barrel is put over the large bowl and the smaller bowl is placed on top of the barrel. The smaller bowl is then filled with water. However, the barrel is not empty. Inside the barrel is a bucket that hangs between the two bowls. This bucket is very important, because it catches the newly made arkhi.